Delivering the Forward View: NHS Shared Planning Guidance 2016/17 – 2020/21

The leading national health and care bodies in England have come together to publish shared planning guidance for the NHS, setting out the steps to help local organisations deliver a sustainable, transformed health service and improve the quality of care, wellbeing and NHS finances.

It is published by NHS England, NHS Improvement (the new body which will bring together Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority), the Care Quality Commission, Public Health England, Health Education England and NICE – the bodies which developed the Five Year Forward View in October 2014.

The planning guidance is backed up by £560 billion of NHS funding, including a new Sustainability and Transformation Fund which will support financial balance, the delivery of the Five Year Forward View, and enable new investment in key priorities.

As part of the planning process, all NHS organisations are asked to produce two separate but interconnected plans:

  1. A local health and care system ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plan’, which will cover the period October 2016 to March 2021; and
  2. A plan by organisation for 2016/17.  This will need to reflect the emerging Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

The documents and links will be available from this page

NHS shared planning guidance 

NHS Shared Planning Guidance Document

Technical guidance for 2016/17

Supplementary technical guidance relevant for all NHS organisations

Supplementary technical guidance for commissioners

Supplementary technical guidance for NHS trusts and foundation trusts

Supporting document for Annex 8: TDA Workforce planning template

Further guidance on the sustainability and transformation fund


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