Statement from Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority – Junior doctors’ contract offer

Professor Hugo Mascie-Taylor, Medical Director at Monitor and Dr Kathy McLean, Medical Director at the NHS Trust Development Authority said today:

“Junior doctors play a crucial role in the NHS, so it is right that their hard work, dedication and commitment is recognised and rewarded fairly and we regard their training and wellbeing as essential.  A shorter working week, limits on the number of consecutive long shifts and regular work reviews, if properly implemented, should lead to better working arrangements for doctors and therefore the patients they care for.

“Junior doctors understandably feel strongly about their contract and it is in their interests to be part of the conversation on what their contract will look like in the future – we urge them to return to negotiations.

“This approach, we consider, would be in the best interests of all parties – perhaps most of all those of our patients, to whom we know junior doctors are fully committed.”

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