East Sussex Healthcare to receive support under special measures regime

The NHS Trust Development Authority (NHS TDA) has today accepted the CQC’s recommendation and placed East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust into Special Measures.

The move follows the publication of the Care Quality Commission’s inspection report into the Trust, which rated the Trust’s services as ‘good’ for caring, but ‘inadequate’ overall.

The Trust will receive a range of support under the special measures regime.  An Improvement Director has been appointed by the NHS TDA, who has already begun working closely with senior leaders at the Trust to understand their Quality Improvement Plan and identify where the Trust will most require support in the coming months.

The NHS TDA will seek to appoint a high performing ‘buddy’ organisation from within the NHS who will be able to advise the Trust on what has worked well for them and how best to put improvements in place.

The NHS TDA will also regularly scrutinise the Trust’s progress as they work through their Quality Improvement Plan and put in place improvements for patients.

Anne Eden, Director at the NHS Trust Development Authority said:

“The Trust has already begun their quality improvement journey.   However, they will require significant support from us and engagement from other partners in East Sussex if they are to meet this challenge and reach a position where they are consistently providing high quality services to every patient.

“We have a track record of supporting NHS trusts in the special measures regime to improve the care and treatment they provide to patients and are confident that with the right package of support in place, this can be achieved in East Sussex as well.”

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