Delivering for Patients: the 2015/16 Accountability Framework for NHS trust boards

Accountability Framework cover 1516

This Accountability Framework sets out how the NHS TDA will work alongside NHS trusts.

Download the Accountability Framework 15/16

The supporting guidance on FT approvals and transactions is provided to give further detailed information on both the FT approvals and transactions processes.  These provide useful guidance and templates to Trusts so they are aware of the tools which the NHS TDA will be using as Trusts progress through the FT pipeline.

Stage 1: Diagnosis and preparation

A. Introductory meeting template

B. Integrated Business Plan review and feedback template – Stage 1

C. Interviews with commissioners – Stage 1

Stage 2: Development and application

D. Integrated Business Plan review and feedback template – Stage 2

E. Interviews with commissioners – Stage 2

Stage 3          Assurance and approval

F. Board to Board meeting standard agenda

Supporting guidance: Transactions pipeline assurance process

G. Transactions further information

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