Planning guidance 2015/16

Joint planning guidance from Monitor, NHS England, the NHS Trust Development Authority, the Care Quality Commission, Public Health England and Health Education England has been published.

The Forward View into Action sets out the high level ambitions for commissioners and providers in the year ahead.

In conjunction, the NHS Trust Development Authority has published Delivering in a challenging environment; Refreshed plans for 2015/16 which will support NHS Trust Boards to provide a refreshed and updated plan for the year ahead.

Click on the links below to download Delivering in a challenging environment and the accompanying technical guidance for NHS Trusts. Web forms for NHS Trusts to complete are available below.

Delivering in a challenging environment, Refreshed plans for 2015/16: TDA Planning Guidance

TDA Technical Guidance

Update letter on 2015/16 planning process

The technical guidance at the link above includes eleven annexes. They can also be downloaded individually below as necessary.

Annex A One Year Plan summary template – FINAL

Annex B1 Activity Line Technical Guidance 2015 16*

*Please note: there is small amendment to Annex B1 Activity Line Technical Guidance 2015/16 as follows:

Page 6, Paragraph 4. Elective Spells (All Specialities), line 14 should read:

  • admission method = elective admission (admission method 11, 12 and 13);

Unify activity presentation

Activity Plans 2015-16 frequently asked questions (UPDATED 16th March)

Annex B1 – Clostridium Difficile Objectives 2015-16

The guidance documents for Clostridium difficile posted on the NHS England website are accessible via this link.

Annex B2 Activity information requirement – FINAL

Annex C1 NHS TDA2015-16 TFMS Plan Guidance – FINAL

Annex C2 TFMS Financial Planning Forms – FINAL

Annex D1 Workforce Technical Guidance – FINAL

Annex D2 – Workforce template

Annex E1 Quality Checklist – FINAL

Annex E2 Performance, Technology and Innovation – FINAL

Annex E3 Planning checklist for finance, QIPP and BCF – FINAL

Annex E4 Sign off of NHS Trust plans – FINAL

There is a clear expectation that robust, good value contracts are signed between commissioners and all major providers by 11 March 2015.  Where this is not achieved, a joint dispute resolution process will apply. This has been agreed by the national partners and is also available to commissioners at

Appendix 1 – Questionnaire for parties entering arbitration

Appendix 2 – Summary of disputed issues

Technical guidance for foundation trusts is published by Monitor here.

Web forms

Clostridium difficile submissions

Integrated Planning Checklist 2015/16: Finance and Commissioner Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) and Better Care Fund (BCF) (All CCG and Area Teams)

Integrated Planning Checklist 2015/16: Quality

Planning Checklist 2015/16: Performance, Technology and Innovation

Workforce planning template


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