Merger of The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust and Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

People living in North West London will benefit from changes in NHS care following the establishment of London North West Healthcare NHS Trust. The new organisation, established on 1 October, is the result of a planned merger between Ealing Hospital NHS Trust and The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust.

While this is a managerial change and patients will not see any immediate changes to services, the long term benefits are numerous:

  • Creating a single NHS Trust will remove barriers between hospital and community services and provide seamless care for local people. For patients this could mean fewer hospital visits, shorter hospital stays and more care closer to their homes.
  • Having larger clinical teams will allow the Trust to deliver better quality care in future and make sure patients are always treated by a specialist for their condition.
  • These clinical teams will hold greater clinical knowledge between them and have more specialists and expertise in more fields. Patients would rarely have to travel outside the new Trust’s boroughs for services.
  • It will put the services on a more secure footing. The merged organisation will help the Trust use its resources more efficiently. It will save money on management and running costs by reducing duplication.

To visit the website of the new Trust click here.

Click here to read more about the merger of The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust with Ealing Hospital NHS Trust.

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