The Winter Report: How is your Trust performing?

The Winter Report: How is your Trust performing?

The NHS Trust Development Authority today published its Winter Report – setting out how its Trusts have performed between August 2013 and January 2014.

The report looks at how NHS Trusts have performed against all standards, including A&E performance, 18 week waits and harm-free care, as well as how trusts are doing financially.

David Flory, Chief Executive of the NHS Trust Development Authority said:

“Throughout the six month period covered by this report, NHS Trusts have generally performed well against the national standards set out in the NHS Constitution. On the whole, patients are being treated quickly and receiving the high quality of care they rightly expect.  This is encouraging, particularly at a time when more people are needing vital services, their needs are more complex and NHS Trusts are operating in a tighter financial climate than ever before.”

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