NHS TDA places five trusts in special measures

The NHS Trust Development Authority today confirmed that five NHS Trusts will be placed into special measures.

The move is triggered by the publication of the NHS England Medical Director’s Independent Review which has highlighted concerns in North Cumbria NHS Trust, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust, East Lancashire NHS Trust and George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust.

The five Trusts were part of a broader review of 14 NHS organisations which were reviewed on the basis of higher than average mortality rates in the last two years. The reviews found that, despite pockets of excellence being found in each organisation, all Trusts must address an urgent set of actions to support improvements in services for patients.

The NHS Trust Development Authority is therefore today writing to each of the five NHS Trusts suspending their Foundation Trust (FT) applications and asking them to set out their plans for implementing the findings of the Keogh Review. Each Trust will have their action plans rigorously scrutinised and the Board leadership at each organisation will be further assessed by the NHS TDA.

NHS TDA Medical Director, Dr Kathy Mclean said: “The Keogh Inspections teams have highlighted evidence of poor practice in each of the five organisations which will require rapid action to support the necessary improvements in services for patients.

“The NHS Trust Development Authority will work with these organisations to support them to improve but will take every necessary action to ensure that the issues raised in the Keogh Review are addressed.”

The reports can be found at www.nhs.uk


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