A focus on sustainable quality as NHS TDA team announced

The NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) today announced the line up that will lead the organisation following the completion of the appointments process for senior posts this week.

The establishment of the NHS TDA creates, for the very first time, an organisation that will provide leadership for quality, support for strong management and a governance structure tailored specifically to help develop non-FT NHS organisations.

With oversight of 103 NHS organisations that provide services ranging from acute hospital-based care through to community mental health services, the main focus of the NHS TDA will be to help each NHS Trust secure sustainable, high quality services for the patients and communities they serve.

The structure of the top team represents the balance that the NHS TDA will look to strike between creating the national environment to focus on quality and sustainability and strong local relationships with individual NHS Trusts.

The director appointments to the new team are:

Chief Executive                                               David Flory CBE
Medical Director                                              Kathy McLean
Director of Nursing                                          Peter Blythin
Director of Development & Delivery                Dr Stephen Dunn
Director of Development & Delivery                Dale Bywater
Director of Development & Delivery                Alwen Williams CBE
Director of Finance                                         Bob Alexander
Director of Strategy                                         Ralph Coulbeck
Director of Communications                            Rob Checketts

NHS TDA Chief Executive, David Flory, said: “Each NHS organisation has their own unique set of challenges and ambitions for the future, but the NHS TDA will have one core purpose: to support those trusts to deliver sustainable, high quality services for the patients and the communities they serve.”

“The team I’ve put together to lead the NHS TDA brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide tailor-made support for each and every NHS Trust.”

“This is a challenging journey we’re embarking on, but it’s also an exciting one, because the aspiration of delivering sustainable, high quality health services in every part of the NHS will make a real and lasting difference to the lives of patients who rely on NHS Trusts for their care.”

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