From 1 April, the NHS Trust Development Authority will be part of NHS Improvement.

Here you can find details about NHS Improvement and how we work.

About NHS Trust Development Authority

The NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) is responsible for providing leadership and support to the non-Foundation Trust sector of NHS providers. This includes 86 NHS Trusts.

The TDA will oversee the performance management of these NHS Trusts, ensuring they provide high quality sustainable services, and will provide guidance and support on their journey to achieving Foundation Trust status.

The Trust Development Authority’s key functions include:

–       Monitoring the performance of NHS Trusts, and providing support to help them improve the quality and sustainability of their services

–       Assurance of clinical quality, governance and risk in NHS Trusts

–       Supporting the transition of NHS Trusts to Foundation Trust status

–       Appointments to NHS Trusts of chairs and non-executive members and trustees for NHS Charities where the Secretary of State has a power to appoint.


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